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Canada was amazing - miss it already. Some major cleanups in the gallery, don't mind that. See you all soon!
So, guys, it's time! I'm heading out to Canada in a few days, and won't be back  before fall 2010. So a little hiatus, you hang in here with me and I'll be back to see what a great place this still is.

Catch you later!
Hey everyone,

Bad news. Recently, my computer's been acting strangely, freezing often and restarting on its own. I always keep it clean of viruses and spyware, and it's been that for ages, trust me; multiple software scans. When the freezing got to the point of occurring about every ten minutes, I decided to format the whole computer (after doing a few backups, naturally) and proceeded with doing it.
After wiping clean the whole computer and installing the system again, it first appeared absolutely fine, but after installing the software, the freezing started again. This lead to the conclusion that there has to be something wrong inside the computer - and right I was; my processor was overheating. Why? Well, here starts the trouble.
I cleaned my processor fan and the dust blocking the vent, and figured that my problem was solved. My computer had always made a decent noise when on, and I figured that would've just been the processor or power fan, but it turns out, my graphics card's cooler fan was not operating very well... Almost not operating at all. Seeing that it was probably causing my processor to overheat (being placed next to it), I replaced it with an older one until I'd get a new one to fill the spot. I started my computer and BAM. Nothing.
My motherboard/processor, which are both about 7 years old and have withstood a lot of use, decided to call it quits. One or both of them, done for, and that means that I'd have to do some major upgrading to get my computer to start up again. Here's the bad news: I'm not going to do it. I've needed a new computer for a while now, and I will buy one, but only when I come back from Canada.

So, no photos coming up, sorry guys. I'm currently updating this from my mom's computer which has no software to do anything, and as I might just get painter on this, I might get to do some drawing, but probably not... We'll see what happens.
Hey dudes. And dudettes. How are ya?

I've been looking into HDR photography lately and tried it for the first time yesterday. It's awesome. I never realised the whole thing and when I got the hang of it, I'm running around crazy just to find good locations to shoot. I'll probably go shoot something tomorrow morning, and maybe put it up in here... We'll see how the weather turns out :)

Anyways, some HDR photographs probably coming up!
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Hey guys - long time no see.

I've just gotten word of a slight relocation on my side. I'm moving from Hyvinkää, Southern Finland, first to Provo, Utah, in the US and then, from the looks of it, somewhere around Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada. This will happen in late October, and will last for a nifty 2 years. Cool, huh?

Now, concerning dA and my (nonexistent) activity here, there's also a not-so-cool part. I will not be able to visit here - and hence, submit anything, or reply to anything, or even look at anything - during that time. So yeah, I'll be on a long hiatus for 2 years. Bummer, I know.

Still, guys, I want you to know that I appreciate your support and hopefully before I'll go, there'll be a nice little piece for all of you :)

Now, other than that, I'm doing good! Busy with work, I'm away from home pretty much 12 hrs a day, so not a whole lot of time to submit anything THAT big. But as said, I'll try to fix something nice together before October 28th :)

Take care, everyone.
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Despite my inactivity with submissions, I seem to get a steady flow of pageviews, and I am very grateful for all of them! Thank you very much, maybe there will be something new to see soon... :)
Happy new year, everyone! Hope you have a great year, better start with a night though, don't go doing stuff you'll regret in the morning! :D
I was going to type in "Merry Christmas, Everyone!" for the topic, but realized that it is the exact topic I used last year! Wow, am I predictable or something...

Anyways, I'm still going to wish you all a merry christmas! It's an awesome time of the year and I am enjoying it. I'm also very happy for the launch of a christmas mini-album "A Merry Little Christmas" I managed to pull off with a few friends - I'm a musical person, surprise! - and have it ready for orders. There's even a special offer going on, for Dec 24. - 26. it's available for free online, so if you're interested, message me and I'll have one sent! Anyways, art-wise, been working on a comic-project lately. Won't be ready anytime soon, so don't get your hopes up! Other than that? Nothing going on. Hope you're doing great though!

This concludes my brief report  on how things are. Take care everyone, cheers!
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How's everyone doing?
I'm really annoyed by the waste of my time lately. Weeks have gone and I haven't been able to accomplish anything. Bored..

Now it would be awfully nice to have a decent reason to post a journal update, but hey, not this time.
This was fast. Thanks everyone again, took me like two years to get the first four-numbered digit there, second was a bit faster and now this in like three months :) Thank you!

My tablet is currently broken, so no art to be expected for a while. My camera, then again, works, so if there's any decent photography, I might upload something. I'm probably going to receive a new tablet to replace the old one in a few weeks, depending on how things go.
Thanks for your support, everyone; the comments, the views, the faves.. everything! I appreciate it a lot :)
Just adding a few more zeros to the last journal title.. Haha :)
Thank you for the 2000 views, everyone! I appreciate them very much! I might draw you something as thanks for the visits (:
Whoosh, one year gone again. 19 yesterday, 20 today. I'm starting to feel old! But I guess this is where the fun starts (;
I'm heading to work out soon, so some breakfast now!
Take Care y'all :)
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Well, well. Hey guys. Know what? I'm back!

"How is it in the army?" you ask me, heh. The answer to that, sadly but luckily, is "It's not."
Yeah, I don't have much time now, so I'll be fast with this:
I started the army just as everyone else doing it the same time as I did. I was even placed in my unit's top team. The first week was pretty great, don't get me wrong though, it wasn't exactly fun, but it was great. The second week started out good too, what en experience, throwing nearly 30kg (66,1lb) of field gear on your back and heading out to a shooting range at 7 in the morning with bikes, the temperature being something like -20°C (-4°F) and not wearing enough clothing just because you're not allowed to! :D We left before sunrise and returned after sunset. That continued every other day that week until friday, when suddenly my old knee injuries started showing symptoms. To the doctor it was, and after that, I spent about 3 weeks either hanging around doing nothing, or doing really little. I was diagnosed with an afterstate of this old syndrome that I had when I was about 13 years old, where my knees develop this repetitive stress injury. It was supposed to dissapear before I turned 18, and they kinda did, but now, just before I'm 20, they reappeared. This meant two weeks of walking with the aid of painkillers (since I wasn't able to walk without them). After that, I suddenly got a high fever, so I was hospitalized for a week. After I got released from the hospital, the doctor examined my knees again, and decided that it was only good for me that I didn't hang around there any longer.
So, here I am. Done with the army, not in 362 days, but 39.
I'm not allowed to run, or do anything more than walking with my feet for 3 months.

That also means that I'll be here on a regular basis once again. So feel free to send notes, comment or whatever, I'm here to reply!

Now I'm heading out to the gym to work out, except for my feet, sob. Oh well. Take care everyone!
Cheers :)
Well, everyone, this is my last "free" day for a while. Tomorrow morning, I'm jumping on a train to take me to the garrison I was ordered to, to spend time with some military people there. I'll most likely be there for 362 whole days, so almost a year, I'll update the exact amount when I know it myself.
As I mentioned, I won't be here pretty much at all during the time, except for some days off, at first I'll be home every other weekend and later on every weekend, sometimes maybe even weekends with a few extra days. I'll be real busy, won't probably have time to draw half as much as I've done so far (even the amount of pieces I've completed so far is pathetic :D), so I'll have to apologize for the future lack of updates beforehand.
Wish me luck, I'm going to have some fun in there ;)
Good bye, for a while :)
Hey there, all of you. I hope you have a very merry and a wonderful Christmas! I'm enjoying the company of our two kittens and watching them play with the random scrap papers around on the floor, they're so enthusiastic about it... Well, easy to please, hehe.
I'll be uploading a new piece later on today, just for the joy of Christmas.. Finally something new! Please look forward to it (; Most likely my last upload before the army too.. We'll see.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! :)
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Hey there, everyone.
Thanks for visiting my page - I recently reached the magical amount of 1000 pageviews, I'm truly grateful for every single view :) I hope that the figure keeps on going up.
I was thinking, now that I haven't updated anything in a while, I could clarify that I'm alive and all that, I do have a bad habit of forgetting to update the account every once in a while . I'm sorry to say that there's currently no new finished art to post, but I'm working on a piece (in fact two, one of which will probably not be published here though) which will end up here before January...
And why before January? Well, to make it simple, starting from Jan 8th, it's time for my military service, which will take a major part of my time. I'll be visiting home every other weekend or so for the next 6, 9 or 12 months, probably 12. A whole year, during which my visits here will be extremely random, and I'll be out of everyone's immediate reach. It's not something that I find devastating, not at all. Just a bit sad that I won't be able to hang around here so often.
Anyways, a whole month before that, so I've got to make good use of it, right? (;
Something else, I just ordered myself a new camera! a Canon 400D (the model is EOS Digital Rebel XTi in the USA and EOS Digital Kiss X in Japan) to have fun with, the order is supposed to arrive tomorrow, I'm excited.. Finally, a decent camera. I've been using an old Minolta tourist-camera (Dimage F200, if someone's familiar with it) so far, but it was about time to update the machinery, so to say :D I might post a few photos in the future too, time will tell.
Anyhows, I'm off to get something to eat. It's Finland's 89th independence day today and the schools are out. I'm not studying, but I'm working as a teachers' substitute, so it means a day off for me too! I'm just being lazy and enjoying the day :)
Have a nice day, everyone.
Wow, I've finally reached a thousand pageviews. Amazing, a while ago I really didn't think I'd make it there. Thanks so much for everyone who has visited :)


Hey there, everyone!

Now, I've got something I need a little help in. All, and by that, I mean _all_ help is appreciated. How can you help me? Easy, tell me a story!

Yeah, I'm looking for fairy tales, so tell me your favorite! :) Perhaps you needn't tel me the whole thing, just the details, or just the name, I might already know it, or then I'll just look it up.. Diversity is appreciated, so I'm looking for anything from a little more epic to the little bedtime stories everyone loved when they were little, please invite your friends to tell stories on their behalf too! Everyone's invited to this little storyteller's corner. Have a seat and let your mind sail through the wonderful harbors that the dreamland of our favorite fairy tales hold in them!

I'll be waiting :)
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Whooo! Now this is something, I just got myself a new tablet.  :iconsambe: My lil bro is now using my old Wacom Graphire 3, and I'm excited about my brand new, shiny and supercool Trust TB-4200, which has an awesome size of an oversize A4-tablet. Haven't really had the time to test it out seriously, but at first glance (and touch) it seemed great.

:iconsambe: This guy also surprised me by buying kingdom hearts 2 on the same trip I picked up the tablet. Oh man, the game is something I've been waiting for so long (it was published here not so long ago, it would be a nice understatement to say that it took way too long for it to reach Finland) and now, We've got it. I've just started the game, played for a couple of hours, and I love it. So far, it's just about everything I've expected since the moment I managed to beat the original KH ages ago. Yesss, in fact, I'm going to play the game right NOW.
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Here again.
I finally got around to finishing something, though it's not entirely my own work, bleh. I'm really going to post something new fanart soon once I get two more images done. 4/6 are already completed to the point they can be posted in for now. Man, do I feel lazy, I really could've done this in less than a week before, now it's taking me two, maybe even more..! Feeling less inspired as usual, it won't go away. Well, got to try to fight it anyways :) I did find something to inspire me though, my comic (which is a year-old project, even older), which I haven't been working on for quite some time now. Yeah, I do have a comic-project, doesn't pretty much everyone who is able to draw even the slightest bit have one? :b Anyways, I was thinking of working on it for a while, maybe it'll help me to find my inspiration again. And heh, it was so fun browsing through some old pictures, some of them sucked real hard! Made me smile.

Then to something less trivial.
Two artists who both have quite recently joined dArt, and have a gallery well worth looking.

:iconp-eak: A Finnish artist whose oil paintings are something I very much like to spend time looking at. She also has a fabulous eye for colors and composition. Check her out.

:iconsambe: My little bro has finally dragged his lazy butt out here and become a deviant. Let's all give him a round of applause! Yeah, his gallery is still fairly empty, but it should start getting something to fill the empty space as the time passes. He's not as lazy with his updates as I am, so no worries. At the moment he prefers working with traditional media, but is also working hard to get himself used to using a tablet (whenever he gets to borrow mine, which is the only one in the house) so kind of an all-around artist, you could say. Visit his gallery, it's not as manga as mine is, we have fairly different styles, but I think he's the one in the family with the talent on drawing.. in fact I think I'm pretty much the only one out of us five, who does not and really has to make up to it by even more hard work :D The talent was divided 4 for fine art, 1 for music, and I got the music. Happy with that!

Anyways. Updated a Collaboration and the series of fanart works will be coming soon. Thanks for reading.
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Phew, I've been desperately trying to fight the damn art block I've been having. I just finished a lineart and seems that I'm gaining the upper hand on the block. Whew. With this speed I'll probably be able to update some new work here in a week, as I'm working on some fanart to sharpen my skills. No Final Fantasy this time, though, time for something else. What, you ask? Wait and see. Two down, three to go.
Man, for the first time in a while I'm happy with the result.. But it was one hell working on it, I've been doing the piece for about 9 hours straight and it's almost 7am.. You do the math. I'm off to bed.

--- --- ---

Art Trades: Open! Note me for details.
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