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Well, everyone, this is my last "free" day for a while. Tomorrow morning, I'm jumping on a train to take me to the garrison I was ordered to, to spend time with some military people there. I'll most likely be there for 362 whole days, so almost a year, I'll update the exact amount when I know it myself.
As I mentioned, I won't be here pretty much at all during the time, except for some days off, at first I'll be home every other weekend and later on every weekend, sometimes maybe even weekends with a few extra days. I'll be real busy, won't probably have time to draw half as much as I've done so far (even the amount of pieces I've completed so far is pathetic :D), so I'll have to apologize for the future lack of updates beforehand.
Wish me luck, I'm going to have some fun in there ;)
Good bye, for a while :)
JDavian Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2007  Student
Good bye and good luck Leo. I'll miss hearing from you
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January 7, 2007


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