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Hey everyone,

Bad news. Recently, my computer's been acting strangely, freezing often and restarting on its own. I always keep it clean of viruses and spyware, and it's been that for ages, trust me; multiple software scans. When the freezing got to the point of occurring about every ten minutes, I decided to format the whole computer (after doing a few backups, naturally) and proceeded with doing it.
After wiping clean the whole computer and installing the system again, it first appeared absolutely fine, but after installing the software, the freezing started again. This lead to the conclusion that there has to be something wrong inside the computer - and right I was; my processor was overheating. Why? Well, here starts the trouble.
I cleaned my processor fan and the dust blocking the vent, and figured that my problem was solved. My computer had always made a decent noise when on, and I figured that would've just been the processor or power fan, but it turns out, my graphics card's cooler fan was not operating very well... Almost not operating at all. Seeing that it was probably causing my processor to overheat (being placed next to it), I replaced it with an older one until I'd get a new one to fill the spot. I started my computer and BAM. Nothing.
My motherboard/processor, which are both about 7 years old and have withstood a lot of use, decided to call it quits. One or both of them, done for, and that means that I'd have to do some major upgrading to get my computer to start up again. Here's the bad news: I'm not going to do it. I've needed a new computer for a while now, and I will buy one, but only when I come back from Canada.

So, no photos coming up, sorry guys. I'm currently updating this from my mom's computer which has no software to do anything, and as I might just get painter on this, I might get to do some drawing, but probably not... We'll see what happens.
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Submitted on
October 9, 2008